Welcome to Moon Tree Design a truly unique

American Place

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Our small retail shop has served the public from Main street in Lake Placid for over twenty two years. During the course of that time it has been a pleasure to work and live in this beautiful area and to serve all of you. As clients you have proven to be the most decorous and mindful group of customers with which any small retailer could hope to be blessed. Your unwavering support has sustained our tiny business through the most difficult times and your enthusiasm for what we do has left us humbled and grateful beyond words.

We are now introducing to all of you our first attempt at providing an online source of information. Often referred to as... a website. It has again been another humbling experience to enter this world and to find our way through to even this most modest beginning. This website will never go viral, never be part of any kind of fad, never be an economic driver but we hope you like our initial offering and, just as in our real store, we promise to continue to build this site from these exiguous beginnings and to make it better and brighter every day. Just as all of you have made our lives better and brighter with your gestures of kindness, your words of encouragement and your ongoing enthusiasm for our unique American Place.
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